Welcome to Over Dinner!


Despite the weird name, the whole idea of this site is chat, the kind of chat that usually happens between friends over dinner. I don’t know about you, but dinner can last for hours with me when I’m with people who have lots to talk about, ideas to share, etc. It’s not always about work, either, though invariably it does venture into publishing from time to time. I used to write my personal “editorial” style posts on my author blog, and often times they proved very popular posts, but are also a bit jarring to visitors who like to read author related material. I thought this might be fun, because it will be casual, informal, and rambling at times… how can it not be, I talk a lot at times and use a lot of words.

I will warn you now, I’ll probably rant a bit about publishing from time to time. It’s where I work and live and experience has made me vocal in my opinions.

That said, welcome and pull up a chair… Anything you’d like to talk about? Leave a comment and let me know!!